3 Tips to Improve your Online Content

1. Tell people what you do.

This sounds really obvious, but when you are developing marketing materials for your own business you can become too close to it, and you might not state some of the really key services you offer. It’s great to show new content to any of your friends, colleagues and family members but sometimes even they will miss things or they might not want to offend you by saying the wrong thing.  

A great way to test your online content is to use an impartial user test on your website you can then get an insight into ways to improve after using this service. ‘Peek.usertesting.com’ is the best thing around for entrepreneurs and marketers it’s absolutely FREE. All you have to do is submit your domain name on their website and within 24 hours you will receive a screencast from the test user via email. The link will contain a 5 mins test video of your website. Often they can highlight really basic things about your website that you can improve on, and may not have previously noticed.  You may have 5 user tests FREE each month so it a great way to see what potential customers really think of your website.

If you need a more in-depth review of your site you can then pay to have this done which will allow you to choose the questions you want to ask. 

Peak User Testing – FREE Service 


2. Manage your social media like a pro 

Social media is a part of marketing that has changed the way we communicate as marketers and the way customers interact with businesses. They want quick responses which can come in from a variety of different media channels. If you are running a small business this can be a little bit overwhelming 

If you haven’t used a social media channel for 6 months or more it’s probably best to delete it as it can make your business look like you don’t have an active presence.  It can also leave you open to negative reviews or malicious comments if not managed correctly or even make it look like you have gone out of business.

To try and manage your social channels you can use programs like Hootsuite which enables you to keep on top of your social content from across all platforms in one place. You can post to different social channels with one click of a button and also schedule your posts so you can still have a social presence when you or holiday or out of the office. 

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3. Improve your content 

When you are creating your website, social media posts, and content for online purposes you need to have content that is ‘on point’. Sometimes mistakes and errors can creep in which don’t look great, a really simple way to help improve your content is to download Grammarly, this app works on both Mac’s and PC’s will help extend your vocabulary and also improve on those all-important spelling and grammar errors.

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